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Operating a busy ophthalmic ambulatory surgical facility (ASC) in today’s environment requires you to take full advantage of the currently available technology, including EMR software. Down time for any of your technologies translates into lost productivity and possibly reduced patient satisfaction. When you experience EMR software related issues, your first reaction might be to contact iMedicWare (“iMW”). However, this might not be the most efficient route to resolve your issues. Since American SurgiSite provides Level 1 technical support for iMW software, you should contact us first – we can resolve or identify your problem, which should reduce the time required to address your issues.

Here are two alternatives if you’re experiencing iMW EMR-related issues:

1 ) Collect information regarding your issue and forward it to American SurgiSite

Take a screenshot of the problem

  • Screenshot instructions:
    • while on the screen with the problem, press the “Print Screen” button (in the top right row of your keyboard);
    • open a new Word document;
    • right click on your mouse to paste the copied page into the Word document; and
    • save the Word document.

Forward your saved Word document to Support Desk.    

2 ) Open a ticket 

  • click “New support ticket” and explain the issue that you’re experiencing;
  • after you click submit, you will receive a ticket number and be contacted within 24 business hours. (Note: You will be able to check the status of your ticket at any time through the website using your ticket number.)
  • In the event you need to contact Fresh Desk regarding your issue, dial 1-833-559-7483 (SITE).

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