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Billing and Collection: Keys to Success

Before you provide care, it’s imperative to confirm how a patient will pay for your services. When patients are covered by an insurance plan, it’s equally important to verify their insurance eligibility before you provide any care. Failing to do so could leave you with an unpaid claim by the insurance company or a patient unable to pay their bill in a timely manner.

Once your front-desk personnel has all of a patient’s insurance information, you should contact their insurance company to verify the following pieces of information: 

  • Patient is indeed covered by the insurance
  • Insurance coverage effective dates
  • In-network or out-of-network benefits
  • Whether services you will be performing on the patient are covered or do they need pre-authorization and / or a referral
  • Amount of co-pay for services
  • Deductible Amount: Has the patient’s deductible been met for the year? 

If a co-pay or any additional fees are due, the patient should be informed of this as soon as possible prior to the scheduled procedure. When the patient arrives for their procedure, you’ll want to verify that all of the above insurance information is accurate, make copies of their insurance card(s) and photo ID, and collect any applicable co-pay at that time.  

Being well organized up front streamlines timely payment for your services. 


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