As your Management Company, American SurgiSite Centers’ all-inclusive services include accounting, administration, billing, financial reporting, clinical expertise, accreditation and licensing. We work with you, not for you ensuring a financially successful outcome.

ACCPAC Centralized Accounting System

All areas of financial management are tied together in this system ensuring accurate and timely income statements and balance sheets. 

Inventory is tied to purchase orders and checks are cut through this system. The system assures that if, as an example, a supply invoice is incorrect, the software prevents payment until inventory and packing lists are reviewed.  Cost savings are achieved through group purchasing and large volume orders offer best purchasing power for supplies and equipment. 

Financial Reporting

Accurate, periodic and detailed reporting is the ultimate “report card” on profitability and efficiency.  American SurgiSite provides pinpoint-accurate financial reporting, forecasting and budgeting to inform the ASC owner with accurate, up to date reporting.   

Provider Negotiations

Healthcare today is a rapidly changing industry and maintaining financial stability is just one challenge.  One challenge is to manage the complex and changing system of reimbursement from insurance payors.  American SurgiSite Centers offers you our experienced ASC center financial team who understand and are knowledgeable of provider organizations, billing and coding. 

We have both the depth and breath of experience to guide you in contract negotiation as well as building fully functional internal systems within your organization. 

Feasibility Studies

The first critical step in building an ASC is a financial feasibility study.  American SurgiSite Center clients will discover through various detailed pro-forma studies how much the project will cost, what the break-even scenarios consist of, and how much surgery is required to run a financially successful ambulatory surgical center. This lets our clients understand the business they are contemplating before moving forward and taking financial risks. 

Financial Services

Our financial services run the gamut from industry benchmarking, analysis, planning, targeting, and implementing the performance plan.  We believe that a business plan can be tailored to ensure the greatest efficiency, profit, and medical quality possible in a rapidly changing, competitive field. 

Clinical Performance

Are you interested in using clinical performance measures but are not sure how to get started, or what the benefits will be?

Facing rising costs in care delivery, tighter financial accountability, higher demands for patient safety and satisfaction, and increased scrutiny associated with cost and quality transparency, owners and management teams are under constant pressure to improve performance.

At American SurgiSite Centers, we gather reliable information to focus attention on efforts that will both increase quality and generate economic value for your business.  We will guide and support staff and clinicians to set priorities and effectively implement improvement initiatives.